Capture a moment in someone’s life with an original work of art that will live on for generations to come.

Portraiture has remained a tradition for hundreds of years as a way to honor those we love, revere and remember.

Echoing the classic style from the 17th century Dutch masters as well as the 19th century American portrait painters, Michael Van Zeyl’s portraits are sure to capture the natural likeness and spirit of the sitter. Michael’s oil paintings have a rich, luminous quality that make them the center of attention wherever they are displayed.

By commissioning a custom fine art heirloom from Portrait Artist Chicago you are investing in a one-of-a-kind piece of art history for your collection.

Portrait Process

FREE CONSULTATION – An information-gathering meeting with the client is arranged to understand his or her objectives for the painting, as well as to discuss issues such as size, clothing, backgrounds, props, etc.
PROPOSAL PRESENTATION – A proposal is presented outlining the details and costs of the painting for the client’s approval before proceeding.
1ST PHOTO SHOOT – Initial photos are taken for the purpose of concept and composition development.
COMPOSITION REVIEW – A full-size sketch detailing the direction for the painting is presented for client collaboration and approval before starting the painting.
2ND PHOTO SHOOT  – A second photo shoot and/or sitting from life (approximately a 3–hour session) might be required to provide additional reference material for the finer details.
PORTRAIT REVIEW – When the portrait is nearly finished, the client is invited to the studio for a viewing.
FRAME SELECTION – We have framing resources with a large selection of antique period frames, modern floater style frames and custom made handcrafted frames. A custom frame can be crafted to best enhance the painting as well as compliment the decor of where it will hang. If desired, framing samples are presented at the portrait review. The final frame is an additional cost and is estimated separately. Custom farming takes approximately 4-8 weeks to be completed.
FINAL PORTRAIT UNVEILING – When the painting and framing are complete, the final piece is presented to the client.


Based on the number of factors involved in creating a work of art, we would prefer to arrange an information-gathering meeting with the client to understand his or her objectives for the painting. After the meeting, a proposal is presented outlining the details and costs of the commissioned art. 

Prior to the meeting here are some considerations to give us more information to provide a precise cost: 
• Approximate Size
• Orientation (horizontal, vertical or square) 
• How many figures, pets or animals
• Mood (formal or casual clothing, body position and facial expression) 
• Neutral background or complex setting
• Special props or furniture
• Timing for completion
• Frame (rare antique, hand-crafted, standard gold or contemporary) 

Size                               Oil Painting          Drawing
Head and shoulders
Child (16" x 20")            $3,500 and up     $1,500 and up
Adult (20" x 24")           $4,800 and up     $2,500 and up
24" x 30"                       $7,200 and up
1/2 Figure with Hands
24" x 36"                       $8,600 and up
30" x 40"                       $12,500 and up
3/4 Figure with Hands 
36" x 48"                       $18,500 and up

Base fees are listed for a neutral color background. Additional fees are required to include design development for added background elements.
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